Personalized Consulting for Landlords

How to Sell Your Tenant-Occupied or Vacant Property, Even If It Needs Repairs or You Are Feeling Overwhelmed!

What you’ll Learn

Health & Wellness Tips for Landlord Stress

Is Your Investment Property Making You Sick? We Can Help in More Ways Than One!

How many people do you know that are dealing with stress related health issues like HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, unhealthy WEIGHT GAIN, and reduced IMMUNITY?

  If not kept in check, chronic stress can contribute to speeding up the AGING process, infertility, heart attack, stroke and even alzheimers and dementia! 

Join us for tips that you can use EVERYDAY to reduce the stress of being a Landlord! 

Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly with or without Tenants

Did You Know That Both Tenant-Occupied and Vacant Homes Are in High Demand in Your Market?

Are you a tired landlord or out of state investor struggling to sell your properties with or without tenants?  Whether you are concerned about selling your home with existing tenants or identifying investors that only want occupied properties, we can help. 

Creative Strategies for Selling Your Home Even if It Needs Repairs

Your property DOES NOT need to be in perfect condition to sell! 

YES! If you can believe it or not, your home DOES NOT need look to like those we see on TV or Social Media to sell. We have amazing resources on how to connect you to buyers who could care less about purchasing properties that need repairs. Yes! There are buyers that would love your property exactly as it is!

 Learn How We Connect You To These Motivated Buyers!

Meet Your Host

B. Shannon Thorne-Johnson, M.Ed.

Shannon is a dedicated wife, mother, real estate investor and entrepreneur who uses her educational and professional background to serve as a resource for other investors needing to sell their investment properties quickly. It is Shannon's creative methods, innovative solutions, and proven systems that helps her meet and exceed the needs of her clients.